AGC-1000 Portable Gantry Crane AGC-1000
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    • Portable: The Gantry Crane is able to reach all corners of the plant. Attached to lifting equipment, the crane is easy to lift heavy loads.
    • Adjustable: The height of the Gantry Crane is adjustable up to 3.1m. This gives operators flexibility in operation.
    • Versatile: Thanks to its ability to be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, the Gantry Crane is easily transported or relocated, making it ideal for workflow changes.

    Note: The price does not include an electric chain hoist with manual trolley. 


     Metric (mm-kg)Imperial (inch-lb)
    Maximum span3100122"
    Working load limit10002204
    Net weight190419
    Packaging dimensions

    One pallet:3820x460x150

    Two pallets:2560x390x90